Hello, Mr. Zhou (Love and Marriage Anecdotes)


Jiang Xiao is about to graduate from college, but unexpectedly becomes pregnant with Zhou Xiulin’s child…

This was her wish when she was 18 years old!

When the wish becomes reality, all she wants to do is pretend to be dead…

Zhou Xiulin looks at the medical report on the table and raises his head after a long while. “Jiang Xiao, what do you think?”

Jiang Xiao stares at him, her eyes misty.

Zhou Xiulin rubs his eyes and says slowly, “Shall we get married then?”

Jiang Xiao frowns, “But you don’t like me, why do we have to get married?”

Zhou Xiulin looks at her and says, “Don’t you want the child?”

Jiang Xiao lowers her head and doesn’t answer the question.

One day, Zhou Xiulin, in a drunken state, blurts out, “Will I sleep with you if I have no feelings for you?”

Jiang Xiao found out she is pregnant after accidentally sleeping with her boss and first love, Zhou Xiulin. Scared and confused, they got together in a secret marriage and took care of the child together, discovering that he likes her for a long time too.

Author’s Note:

A sweet and cute assistant VS the CEO of a film and television company.

The female lead is 22 years old and the male lead is 28 years old.

This story has indulgence, entanglements, and buns.

This may be a Cinderella and Prince story.

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