Heavenly Master: The Secret Realm Of National Destiny, The Poor Way Kills The Dragon With Thunder Me

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[Super Burning Heavenly Master + National Adventure Adventure + Five Thunder Methods + Sword Cultivation + Decisive Killing]!

The secret realm of national destiny is opened.

From 420 countries, three people are randomly selected to enter the secret realm to survive.

Survive for 10 days and you will be rewarded with [Aura Revival]!

Survive for 30 days and you will be rewarded with [Heavenly Skill]!

Rice: Soldier King + Parkour Coach + Wilderness Master!

Sakura: Great Swordsman + Ninja + Sumo Wrestler!

Even Bangzi has a combination of Taekwondo + fitness trainer + foodie!

Here in the Dragon Kingdom, the style of painting has suddenly changed.

Wearing a red shirt, a spear, and a dashing girl in her twenties, Ling Xue, the descendant of Emei!

Plus the popular actress Bai Lu,

There was also a black-robed Taoist priest who looked lazy and yawned six times in one sentence.

The other spectators looked at the contestants from the Dragon Kingdom, each one more unreliable than the other, and smiled crookedly. They felt that these three weirdos from the Dragon Kingdom could not survive for ten minutes in the secret realm.

But when something strange happens, the other players are struggling to survive.

Emei Lingxue has one shot and one person, and can lead the team to survive for 20 days.

Until she encountered an evil dragon, the thousand-year-old evil dragon sent her flying a hundred meters with one move.

When everyone feels hopeless.

The Taoist priest who had been lazy stretched his waist.

“The Xuanzong of Heaven and Earth, with all the powerful roots, cultivated for hundreds of millions of kalpas, and proved my magical powers! ”

The golden light curse came out of the body, he jumped lightly, and stood on the head of the evil dragon with his hands behind his back.

With a backhand palm, the thunder in the palm directly hit the dragon, and the hammer exploded all the way.

Netizens around the world were shocked.

Is this guy in black robe so strong?

Is he really a genius?

Zhang Tianfan: “What black robe? I’m just afraid of getting the purple robe dirty, so can’t I wear it backwards?

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