Heavenly Master: Anti-superstition and pry into my Dragon-Tiger Demon-Conquering Hall, right?

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Zhang Jun traveled through the parallel world and did not expect to directly inherit the position of Tianshi of Longhu Mountain.

I thought that boxing on Longhu Mountain every day would be a form of self-cultivation.

Unexpectedly, on the first day I met an anti-feudal blogger who led two groups of people up the mountain.

The first group walked through the main entrance and clamored for the Heavenly Master to come out and draw a five-thunder talisman to see if it could attract thunder.

Another group of people took advantage of the lack of guards and sneaked into the Dragon and Tiger Demon-Conquering Hall to pick the locks and see what ghosts and gods were inside.

At Longhu Mountain Gate, just when Zhang Jun was forced to have a headache by these bloggers, the system was bound!

“Ding! The newbie gift package is released, you can get [Mythical Dragon and Tiger Five Thunder Dharma Complete Set] and [300 Years of Taoism Experience Package]! ”

“Ding! It has been detected that the anti-feudal blogger is petitioning to attract thunder from the sky. The main character of Longhu Mountain will respond to any request. If you fulfill your wish, you can get [Mythical Version of the Heavenly Master Lei Zu Sword] and [36-Point Light Thunder Sword Technique]! ”


Forced and helpless, Zhang Jun could only fulfill the blogger’s wish.

Zhang Jun: “Bushi, there is no need to draw talismans. If you simply want to experience the feeling of being struck by five thunders, Pindao can satisfy you now. Let us agree in advance that you will make all demands and you will be responsible for the consequences. We, Longhu Mountain, do not provide medical care. ” Fee. ”

After saying this, Zhang Jun controlled the five thunders, and struck the anti-feudal blogger with a five-thunder palm. In an instant, the thunder ran wildly, and the blogger was struck so hard that he could not take care of himself.

The audience in the live broadcast room was collectively shocked.

What the hell!

Aren’t you talking about anti-feudalism? There is no such thing as thunder in this world?

If Leifa is real, then the Demon-Suppressing Palace…

Countless viewers wanted to stop it, but it was too late, and the blogger tore the seal of the Demon-Suppressing Hall.

The next second, the world of Longhu Mountain changed drastically, and all the ghosts broke through. The blogger was immediately frightened.

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