He wasted a lot of money and became the favorite of the whole family after going crazy.

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The big devil is reborn.

At first, “Three Days and Two Nights” desert island survival:

[When you see a boy, he will fall in love with a girl and stay away from my brother and sister! 】

As the program was broadcast live, passers-by were surprised to find that this sister had a unique painting style, was as strong as an ox, and could not stop talking without surprising anyone——

A certain movie queen: I hope every girl can be an independent and sober heroine.

Jiang Nian: What? Green tea love brain, the baby is already fifteen?

A certain heavenly king: I passed through thousands of flowers, but not a single leaf touched me.

Jiang Nian: What? Married, had children, and been divorced five times?


Fans from all over the world hugged each other and cried: [Jiang Nian is so wicked, I am just waiting to see you collapse your house! 】

The unscrupulous passerby: [Wake up! This sister is a ruin! 】

Gradually, the melon-eaters discovered that Jiang Nian’s madness and lack of virtue were not limited to humans…

Going up the mountain, she rode a tiger and fought a bear.

Going into the sea, he rode a whale and chased sharks.

The desert tyrant acts as her little brother, and the polar wolf king acts as her pet…

The Jiang family brothers were so panicked that animals also came to compete for favors?

Boss Jiang Jingshen: My eldest brother is good at cooking. Xiao Nian, why don’t you take a look at your eldest brother?

Top Jiangnan style: My second brother has a good drinking capacity, so he drank with Nianbao for three days and two nights!

Villain Jiang Yuexing: Third brother can be a shark… cross it out, third brother protects Nian Nian~

Younger brother Jiang Jinli: Sister, I am not a waste! Don’t let it down!

Father Jiang and Mother Jiang: Wait, do the policeman, bodyguard, and bartender… look the same?

The Jiang family realized later: Oops, their home was stolen!

A certain green arrow shook the wine bottle, hiding his merits and fame: I am just a poor man who wants to deceive his wife, what should I do if I don’t learn some tea skills?

Jiang Nian: … …

A girl told me that the affectionate male lead in the sadistic novel is the same person!

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