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[Sweet Pet + Redemption + Mild Abuse]

[Handsome firefighter VS gentle female teacher]

As we all know, Zhou Siyi is a prodigal, changing girlfriends is like changing clothes, but despite this, there are still many people who want to be his girlfriend.

The friend laughed and said, “I really envy Brother Si. He doesn’t even need to take the initiative. There are a lot of beauties at his fingertips who want to have sex with him. ”

Later, when the prodigal son Zhou Siyi had been vacant for a long time, someone saw him blocking the little girl in a corner and saying in a begging and coaxing tone: “Teacher Xiao Jiang, can you give me a chance? ”

Zhou Siyi is always lazy and careless. His only dream is to be a qualified firefighter and do his best for the people.

Until he met Jiang Ye, he suddenly had a dream – “I want to take Teacher Xiao Jiang to see the most extreme romance in the world. ”

Later, in a desert filled with yellow sand as far as the eye could see, Zhou Siyi pumped [-]-degree molten iron into the sky, knelt down on one knee to his girl under the sky full of iron flowers, and said, “Teacher Xiao Jiang, are you willing to marry me? ” ? ”

Jiang Ye always felt that a rose that had been stepped into the mud could not return to the branches until she met Zhou Siyi.

The young man was as dazzling as the sun, like a beam of light that shined into her dark world, pulling her up when she was in the most difficult time.

//There will always be someone who holds you in the palm of their hand and is willing to spend their whole life healing your wounds//

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