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[Fighting for power in the palace + Marriage first, love later + Running in both directions] The young emperors and empresses join hands together to bring peace to the world! The sweet and beloved ancient sayings of the author of “A Gift for Your Majesty” are here again! The poisonous and sinister king VS the witty and decisive queen, they meet their opponents and win the world together! Open this book and watch the young emperors and empresses work together to complete the great cause of unification, and the war is over! Jiang He, the daughter of an envoy from the State of Qi, had no choice but to become a maid in the palace after her mother died and her father’s whereabouts were unknown. Unexpectedly, the princess of Qi died tragically on the eve of the marriage, and Jiang He was forced to marry into King Yong’s palace. King Yong and Zhao Zheng were rumored to be cruel and capricious. In order to persuade Zhao Zheng to release Qi’s protons, Jiang He had no choice but to compromise with Zhao Zhengxu, but in the process of daily getting along, he fell into trouble bit by bit. From testing each other to becoming confidants, from being on guard at all times to being convinced, from playing along when the situation arises to sincere delivery. After he fell in love with her, she wanted to leave with someone else? Thousands of troops and thousands of horses are everywhere, you are mine, no one dares to steal you!

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