Grumpy boss, he’s come to behave again

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[Rebirth] The soft and domineering little beauty VS the loyal dog-loving blushing and talkative boss

——When he was 16 again, Ji Enen vowed to do two things well.

First, study hard and concentrate on taking the Tsinghua University exam.

The second is to refuse to be pampered in the cage and stay away from Yan Yu.

So she transferred to another school.

But he didn’t expect that he was once again a sheep in the wolf’s mouth.

The little beauty who had just transferred to another school was more charming than Hua Hua, and caused a small wave of excitement in No. [-] Middle School.

a week later.

Passerby A: “Did you hear that the new little beauty actually asked the boss to help her carry her schoolbag! ”

Ji Enen felt aggrieved: “He didn’t steal it! ”

Passerby B: “The little beauty actually threw away the boss’s cigarette! ”

Ji Enen burst into tears: “He insisted on letting me control him! ”

Passerby C: “Oh my god! The little beauty actually sent the boss to the hospital! I saw the boss’s face turned red! ”

Ji Enen has no place to redress his grievance: “That’s because he is perverted. He said that if I don’t kiss him, he will beat himself! ”

Melon-eating people: Yeah! The little beauty actually scolded the boss!

The face of a passing boss suddenly turned red. He lowered his eyes and looked at the trembling little fairy in his arms. His eyes fell on the crystal pink earlobes, and his hand slowly held her thin and white wrist.

The tone was low and coaxing: “Are you good, Zaizai? ”

Ji Enen was stunned: How come this script is different from the previous life!

# Blushing towards you is already instinct#

#I thought I would always be the one you avoid, but I didn’t expect that in the end you would still be willing to be my place of residence#

PS: 1V1 double clean (both lives)

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