Great Demon Leader: Start By Refining Flying Zombies

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Liang Xiao transmigrated into the world of immortals, but unfortunately became a demon cultivator. All day long, he could only practice some inferior demonic skills that were harmful to his body and life.

Until he discovered that he could transmigrate various apocalyptic worlds, and all the apocalyptic worlds were his backyard.

In the zombie world, Liang Xiao uses zombies to refine zombies, returns to Innate the day after tomorrow, and becomes a flying zombie!

In a nuclear wasteland world, Liang Xiao used radiation to catalyze monster cubs, and the Low Grade Fire Crystal Lizard actually evolved into Lava Godzilla!

The world is strangely resurrected, Innate ghosts are everywhere, harming people, Liang Xiao sacrifices to the Law Weapon, and successfully breaks through the Foundation Building Stage!

In the world where gods and demons breed, Liang Xiao, who smuggled in, took a handful of the wool of an alien demon and ran away after enjoying it!

“Great Demon Leader Liang Xiao, you are a demonic Law Treasure. You have killed countless mortals. You must be a heartless person who has done bad things. Today, your body will be burned by karma and your soul will be scattered! ”

The chief fairy of Taiyi Immortal Gate angrily rebuked, spitting out the true fire of humanity that the devil feared like a tiger. Unexpectedly, Liang Xiao refused to dodge. Not only was he not refined, but he was blessed and his magic power was greatly increased.

The fairy was dumbfounded, but saw Liang Xiao looking at her affectionately and said:

“Although I refine corpses, control ghosts, and use all demonic methods, people who know me know that I am a good person, and I am really not a Great Demon! ”

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