Grand Ducal Couple’s After Marriage Love story

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The Grand Duchy of Hessenguard lost its master.

The two kingdoms, that were vying with one another for the dukedom, agreed to send their respective candidates from the royal family to marry and make their successor the heir of the duchy.

And so, Erna and Kalion arrive at Hessenguard to wed.

But, their initial impression of each other was extremely terrible.

“What, this pumpkin?”

“Oh my, he looks like a dried earthworm.”

Thus a marriage started just like that from the beginning with a horrible impression of one another.

They showed their teeth to each other for more than a decade, but lived together steadfastly for the sake of the Grand duchy.

Later,one day, a letter was sent for them.

‘You will have a successor within one year.’

After 10 years of marriage without any children, both nations raised the issue.

They said that if they don’t have children within a year, they’ll bring them back home.

Is it possible?

* * *

“There’s nothing great about it anyway. Just make it stand and put it in. If you can’t do that……”

At that moment, Kalion flicked her forehead with his fingers. Before long, Erna’s body, which was standing up, fell weakly onto the bed. She couldn’t believe that she fell with just one flick of Kalion’s fingers. When she blinked, a huge body hovered over her.

“Yeah, there’s nothing great.”

Kalion gritted his teeth.

“So, please be patient.”

* * *


She looked satisfied as she slept in his arms. A rare smile appeared on Erna’s face, something which Kalion had never seen.

Kalion unknowingly reached out to touch her lips, but when he realized what he was doing, he hastily put his hand down. Nevertheless, he did not let go of Erna, who was peacefully lying in his arms.

‘How did this happen?’

She was a woman who always scratched his insides*. (*To behave in an annoying manner or say something impudent to get on someone’s nerves.)

From the first time he met her until now, they had never spoken to each other pleasantly. Whenever he picked faults on her, she would hit back without missing a single word.

His wife whom he did not want.

‘But why…….’

Kalion hugged Erna, who was sleeping quietly in his arms.

There was a smile on his face just like the one on Erna’s face.

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