God’s Monster


∥[Notification] Minjun’s first believer is praying.

After eight years in the other world, what greeted S-class hunter Minjun was the side effects of dimensional travel and an incomprehensible notification. However, he only pays attention to it for a moment before deciding to hide his identity and live a lazy retirement life.

“Have you ever heard anyone say that you look like hunter Minjun, who went missing eight years ago?”

“But I don’t look like him.”

Yoon Soohyuk, an S-class hunter who admires him, keeps approaching him.

And then,

∥Name: No. 749 Fate’s Bond B

∥Description: When a pair of rings is worn by two people, they have a chance to permanently increase their stats by 10%.

∥How to use: The owners of the item must physically bond with each other once every 9 days for a total of 9 times.

∥For every 9 days that passes without physical bonding, the item owner’s overall stats are permanently reduced by 10% from the point of wearing.

They become entangled in a bonded item that cannot be disengaged…

“Just close our eyes and do it.”

“… Why are you so fearless? Do you know what that means?”

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