Global Voyage: My Probability is 100%


Global human ocean survival!

Sea storms, mutant monsters, infinite whirlpools, frozen world…

In the face of natural disasters again and again, humans can barely survive unless they keep upgrading their vehicles!

Fortunately, Chen Feng has a 100% chance of being a European emperor!

100% fishing! Long-range attack 100% hit! The raffle box is 100% successful! The upgrade is 100% successful!

【Raft → sailboat → cruise ship… sea city】

[Bow and Arrow → Artillery → Missile… Positioning Strike]

When others are still struggling on the line of food and clothing, Chen Feng has already conquered the sea by riding the wind and waves!

“Have you heard of Chen Feng? It is said that he has started to post food, yachts, and beauties again!”

“Gan! We joined forces to rob him!”

“His ship is loaded with new weapons!”


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