Global Super Power, Infinite Evolution Of Samadhi True Fire At The Beginning

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[Urban Superpowers + Samadhi True Fire Continuous Evolution + Hot Blood] (The low rating is because it does not absorb the volume, not because of the book itself. It will slowly increase, give it a chance)

It’s a world that’s roughly the same but completely different.

Demons are raging, and 80% of the world is occupied by demons… The only way humans can protect themselves is supernatural powers…

Endless seas, hundreds of thousands of mountains, endless monsters!

When humans stare at those abyss demons, countless pairs of terrifying eyes stare at humans like the abyss…

The genius Han Yuan in his previous life became a trash that everyone despised just because he awakened a small flame with E-level powers in his sophomore year of high school…

But it’s different now!

Han Yuan looked at the mountain and sea system in his mind, and the small flame suddenly turned into the legendary S-level Samadhi True Fire!

Kill monsters to earn Shanhai coins! Achieve achievements and gain unlimited evolution attributes of superpowers! Not only that, each evolving flame has its own characteristics!

[The Samadhi True Fire has evolved into the Bi Fang Divine Fire! Get Bifang Devouring Attribute! 】

The true fire of samadhi is the fire of the heart, which arises from the heart. Once it burns, it is like a maggot in the tarsus [inextinguishable]!

Bifang’s divine fire is a divine fire and has the attribute of [devour]! Various flame characteristics can be infinitely fused and superimposed!

As a result, countless people trembled!

“Obviously he is just a boy with a single element of fire. Why can he still swallow other people’s energy? ”

“Why does fire still have the power to heal? ”

“What kind of flame is this! Why does it burn the soul! Ahhh! ”

When that figure stood there, the endless sea, the hundreds of thousands of mountains, and the abyss staring at the human race suddenly fell silent!

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