Global rainstorm: I build a city in the sky at the end of the world

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Story of: Global rainstorm: I build a city in the sky at the end of the world

[Rainstorm era + hoarding materials + rebirth + infinite space + decisive killing + doomsday shelter. ] 233 Million years ago, Blue Star suffered a heavy rainstorm that lasted for 2 million years. The dinosaur family was pushed to the position of Blue Star’s hegemony, thus opening up to the reign of Blue Star for 160 million years. Today, hundreds of millions of years later, the Blue Star ecology has been seriously damaged. After a long drought, it is a rainstorm without warning. No one knows that the Kani flood event hundreds of millions of years ago will happen again. With large-scale flooding, damage to the power system in the human world, traffic paralysis, large-scale reduction of plants, and food depletion, the Blue Star food chain is on the verge of breaking. Hurricanes and tsunamis appear frequently, and there is no absolute safe place in the world. The darkness of human nature is also exposed in this natural disaster. Lin Yang was lucky to be reborn one month before the natural disaster and obtained a divine survival system. On the day of the disaster, Lin Yang stood in his sky city, overlooking the whole purgatory, leisurely eating barbecue and drinking red wine and drinks. And everyone knows that if you want to live, as long as Lin Yang nods and lives in his city of the sky! School beauty goddess: Please, give me a bucket of instant noodles, and I can do anything! National superstar: As long as you let me live in the city of the sky, don’t treat me as a human! The daughter of the chaebol: I have the best human genes. Please let me live. I am willing to continue the human fire with you! … With the passage of time, Lin Yang has already created a new civilization on a huge planet light years away!

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