Global Awakening: Unlock the Rock King Emperor at the beginning

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Story of: Global Awakening: Unlock the Rock King Emperor at the beginning

[Original God] [Awakening] [Invincible] Chu Chen traveled to an awakened world filled with thousands of races, where monsters raged and alien races invaded. In order to fight against unknown enemies, humans here also gained the power of awakening. And Chu Chen, who has traveled here for eighteen years, has finally ushered in the day of his awakening, but he never thought… “Ding! Congratulations to the host for unlocking the Emperor of the Rock – Morax Zhongli Panel! ” Beyond SSS-level power, overcoming The Martial God with superior qualifications—Emperor Rock King! “Didn’t you eat? Try harder. ” Faced with the siege of tens of millions of enemies, Chu Chen just calmly sipped tea on the battlefield. “Oh, that’s it. ” The golden light in his eyes was bright, and with the unlocking of a life, the lost power returned again, not much, but it was enough. “The sky is moving. ” On the void battlefield, stars the size of planets continued to fall, and huge rock guns burst out. Alone, Chu Chen can guard this corner of this floating world. “Who is he? ” “No… I don’t know! What’s his name… King of Hell… Emperor? “… “Oh, actually you can also call me God of War. ” Facing the astonishment of countless people, Chu Chen shot each one Standing alone in the void. He just turned his back to all living beings and sighed leisurely: “Although I have no intention of chasing deer, I know the suffering of the common people. ” “I just want to clean up the four directions and protect a corner of the floating world. “… “Oh, by the way, there are also my old friends, if King Tuolong, please come out and have some fun. “… This book is also called: “How did I become a social waste after getting Zhongli at the beginning”

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