Global Awakening: Only I plan the future in advance

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When Lu Yuan woke up, he found that he was reborn ten years ago, so Lu Yuan sold all the assets left by his parents, and was hailed by the financial circle as the most prodigal rich second generation.

However, no one will know that three months later, the world will evolve, invade from outside the territory, and money will be reduced to waste paper.

At the same time, grasping the opportunities for the next ten years, Lu Yuan began to make crazy plans.

Spend hundreds of millions to buy the tree of Sakyamuni’s enlightenment, the ancient Bodhi tree, and get hundreds of millions of talents after awakening.

The complete version of the Tao Te Ching was auctioned overseas and bought at a sky-high price of 3000 million yuan. It is a picture of awakening the universe, which is known as the world’s first conception.

He bought a farm with a lot of money, and a meteorite fell from the sky. After awakening, he contained the embryo of a sword outside the sky. It is known as the Daluo magic weapon, the supreme flying sword.

In this way, the financial world lost a rich second generation, and the cultural and entertainment world gained a mysterious buyer.

Three months later, a catastrophe struck and Lu Yuan became invincible in the world.

Holding the heavenly sword embryo in hand, carrying the bodhi tree on the back, visualize the vastness of the universe, invincible in spirit and body like a dragon.

I am invincible under the immortals, and I am invincible above the immortals.

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