Getting Revenge From Cinderella

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‘Floria, who became the princess, sent a dove to peck out the eyes and blind her sisters’.

I possessed Renéola Violette, one of her sisters, during the scene where the prince was about to put on the glass slipper on her foot!

Now, all that’s left is the ending where the dove pecks out my eyes, but just as I try to escape, Floria, who summoned me to the palace, captures my heart as collateral.

The only way to get out of this life of death is to get the heart back.

“Floria, you are as dazzlingly beautiful as ever!”

I shook my rattle eagerly, hoping for a chance to recover my heart.

But then I’m being told to spy on the First Prince’s palace,

To the insane assassin who draws a sword at the mere sight of me?

With the determination to survive somehow, I even lied to him that I liked him…

“Why are you here?”

The enigmatic guild leader who always appeared at the slightest opportunity, with his nonchalant attitude, was none other than the 1st Prince Cahilun the Hilic.

The problem is that this man knows everything I’m up to.

Ha-ha, it seemed hopeless, but Cahilun raised the corners of his well-drawn mouth. He likes me?

“Feel free to seduce as much as you want.”

He fixed his gaze on me with a sly smile.

“I’m willing to go along willingly.”

One day, just when I thought I had no heart left in my chest from all the flirting, I had a crisis that nearly broke my heart.

Floria, who had pretended to be kind, revealed her true colors.

With a sly smile, Floria threatened me.

“It seems like you keep forgetting that your life is in my hands.”

At that moment, I realized that the only way to escape from Floria, who could kill me anytime, was to destroy the original novel in which she is the protagonist.

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