Genshin Impact: The Infinite Star God Who Fell into Liyue

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Story of: Genshin Impact: The Infinite Star God Who Fell into Liyue

[Fanfan + Invincible Stream + Fun + Playing Memes + Character Daily + Eliminating Regrets] Li Hua, a college entrance examination English master in his previous life, traveled through the Starry Sky Railway and became an “infinite” star god after many hardships, but he was besieged and died by the gods. When he woke up again, he came to the land of Teyvat and met Chi, who was in a state of wear and tear, and the two wives of the demon god! After that, he drank tea with Emperor Yanwang and composed music, met a group of immortals, guarded the stability of Liyue, and occasionally visited other countries. During the Demon God War, he rescued the bronze bird in the end. Preserving the soul of Barbatos’ old friend. During the Kanrya period, he reversed the fate of Raiden Zhen, Daci Shuwang, Red King, Flower God, Huzhai Palace and other people, fought against Tianli, punished the Kanrya people for invading other countries, and informed them of Teyvat Outside, there is a more vast and boundless sea of ​​stars. Develop science and technology, attach importance to education, and maximize strengths and avoid weaknesses. Sit and watch the Teyvat people’s starship meet the fairy boat Luofu. This—is His retirement life. After all: So this is your reason for fishing? Heulia: You are not allowed to mess around with women! They are still children! Zhongli: Don’t come close, I’m afraid I can’t help but beat you. Keqing: Are there any other photos of the emperor from thousands of years ago? I used my private money to buy it at a high price! In short, this is a story about the Star God leading Teyvat to the sea of ​​stars. [Demon War Volume, Liyue Chapter 1-35, focusing on foreshadowing. Chapters 36-76 of Mondstadt focus on war.

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