Genshin Impact: People in Teyvat can become stronger by sticking to each other

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Story of: Genshin Impact: People in Teyvat can become stronger by sticking to each other

Tips before viewing: daily life + emotional line + battle What would it be like for a person in Genshin Impact to become stronger by sticking to stickers? As long as you obtain emotion points, you can unlock various character talents. Life is not easy, so Qin Yu embarks on the road of shedding wool… no, it is to become (stick) strong (stick) . [Successfully mentored Xiao Linghua and became her most respected master] [Unlock: Kamiri-ryu Swordsmanship] [There is something wrong with you, her brother is on the way. 】 Qin Yu: “It’s just a chess game, don’t think too much. ” [Please be careful, the small cotton-padded jacket may leak air at any time] Ayaka, please put down the basement key first! … [I have gained the friendship of Master Niuzha, who wishes to remain anonymous, and we are expected to work overtime together throughout the day. 】 [Unlock the talent skill: Parade in the Sky Street. 】 Qin Yu: Wait a minute, what’s going on with overtime? … [Get the favor of the mysterious country girl] Something’s wrong, since when did Genshin Impact have this character? [Please be careful, she is always thinking of how to hang you on the statue] ? Qin Yu: “I still want to become stronger. Do I have the talent of a god? ” [Wu Xiang Yi Dao is detected to unlock the mission. 】 [Please bury it in the place where the knife is drawn for a few minutes and savor it carefully. 】 “If you want the first chapter to be finished, just tell me! ” As the surroundings become more and more lively, the danger index rises sharply. Fools all the executors, even distant gods. Have you ever seen the gods gather together to recreate a part of the war between demons and gods? A harmonious and loving Shura field, this is Qin Yu’s daily life “I need to be impregnable to protect my personal safety!

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