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Three years ago, in order to pacify the Western Jiang, he married the daughter of the military governor of Yongzhou as his empress, but this is when he met Huo Shi Ying, the most unparalleled woman in the world, the only female general of the Great Yan Dynasty. What she doesn’t know, and what nobody else knows, is that he has been paying full attention to her for twenty years, since he was six years old. The first time he heard her name was when by his mother the Empress and his elder sister, he then thought, a two-year-old toddler being taken to the border, how amazing.

More than ten years later, he once again saw her name on the battle report, these three characters Huo Shi Ying immediately drawing out a desolate picture in front of his eyes : flying smoke in the desert, galloping horses, soldiers in golden armors, a valiant woman drawing her sword, a strength lonely yet full of life, cruel but sweet, such a strong assault. Just because name gave him so many fantasies, his heart suddenly started beating.

Later, he quietly gave her a lot of opportunities. Her name appeared on the battle report again and again, bringing contributions again and again, making blood flow, ruthlessly killing. Countless times, he fantasized about what kind of woman she was exactly.

Later he learned that her nickname was An Sheng (meaning peace and quiet). How could he give her peace, he no longer had that ability, the moment he raised the empress’ veil on their wedding, there was a faint regret in his heart, until he finally met her for real, this moment’s monstrous regret could overturn the skies and lands.

No one knew, he had followed her for twenty years.

The road to love is long and difficult. She soars in the sky like an eagle, and the sky is her yoke ; he dives deep into the sea like a dragon, and the palace is his cage. One is the first female general of the Yan Dynasty, and the other is the Palace’s Emperor. How can these two people who are as strong as enduring get closer to each other and turn their love into marriage?

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