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“Black Technology Game City” “Other World Game Production”

A game city that connects all the worlds, quietly changing everything with games.

Zhuge Liang, Guo Jia, and Zhou Yu led the troops to fight in “Romance of the Three Kingdoms 14”, but their lord was…

Sun Quan shot Xu Sheng out of bounds and shouted arrogantly: “Anyone who invades our territory of Wu will be defeated by Sheng! ”

Cao Cao raised the corner of his mouth, photographed Guan Yu, and pulled Liu Bei beside him with a smile: “Xuande, let’s see if I, Wei Changyun, are brave? ”

Liu Bei didn’t say anything and silently took pictures of Xu You. The audience kept hearing: “Ah Hao! Ah Hao! Ah Hao! ”


Mingjiao taught Zhang Wuji that he played “Twins Together” four times and finally appeased the four people who had gotten into trouble over playing “Break Up Kitchen”.


Wei Xiaobao and Kangxi Xiao Xuanzi left the game room in despair, looked up at the sunny sky and murmured: “The sunshine is so dazzling~”


Jingtian, who had not yet walked out of Yong’an Dang, was playing “Legend of Sword and Fairy III” and shouted: “Am I a great hero? Haha! I am a great hero! ”


Sun Wukong, who was pressed under the Wuzhi Mountain, was playing “Black Myth: Wukong” and shouted in pain: “Master! I can’t tell the difference! I really can’t tell the difference! ”


There are also a large number of Soul series games that torture everyone equally, a large number of horror games that stimulate everyone’s senses, and a large number of underworld games that test everyone’s bottom line.

All in all, a game! Create happiness with heart (Uncle Ma extends his hand) !

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