Full-level pass, please call me the speaker of the Three Lions

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Ling Feng went back to 2014.

What followed was a greenery legend system.

With De Bruyne’s passing attributes at the beginning, Ling Feng started his legendary football career in Leicester City!

Imaginative passing, chic and elegant assists…

The best in the British Championship, the Golden Boy Award, the Premier League assists leader, the Premier League MVP…

He is not only the creator of the blue fox miracle, but also the most high-quality public idol after Beckham, and he is also the talker who led the Three Lions to achieve revival!

In the new era when Melo is getting old, he has suddenly emerged!

Starting from passing the ball to feed the cake, he gradually developed an incomparably chic stop, an unsolvable arc free kick, and then an unstoppable dribbling technique…

In this way, step by step, he became the most comprehensive and incomprehensible midfielder of this era, and also became the football king of the new era!

However, only Ling Feng himself knows how difficult this journey is…

Sterling: Ling’s pass is very accurate, I will definitely not miss the shot next time!

Lukaku: Muttering, this goal almost scored, and I will send the first like today!

Lingard: Ling and I are so strong!

Ling Feng: You bastards, can you stay away from me?

… … .

This book is also known as “Mr. Golden Globe who got cheated out”, “Those years when he was a teammate with a cheater”, “On one hundred ways to feed his teammates”

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