Former Village Girl and the Flag Crusher Prince

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Azalea, the duke’s daughter, recovered memories of her previous life.

There was a memory of being executed after being accused of deceiving the Emperor and the country.

They said that she was the villain and they killed her along with her entire family.

So she decided not to get involved in political affairs again so that she could live and die in peace this time.

But in this life, she was engaged to Prince Lotus!

In her previous life, only beauty mattered, but this time it didn’t matter at all!

“I am sure they will discover how incompetent I am and will choose someone worthy of His Highness very soon!”

“At that time I will walk away!” Azalea thought, whose self-esteem was severely damaged due to her previous life experiences.

But she didn’t know …

“Your Highness! Please don’t befriend the enemy Emperor like it’s a walk in the park!”

“Her Majesty has suffered a heart attack!”

“Your Highness! Please stop defeating the Demon King like it’s a sports game!”

“Oh! Come on! The brave hero is really crying!”

“Your Highness! Do not enter the Ghost Spirit Land just out of curiosity! Everyone is worried about you.”

“Please come home.” “Are you lost? Don’t you know how to get back?”

“I’ll hurry up! Please wait patiently there, I’ll come pick you up!”

A high-ranking flower like a lotus can only be treated by an Azalea, another high-ranking flower.

This is the story of Princess Azalea, First Class Negative Flag Architect, and First Class Flag Crusher, Prince Lotus, and how they hold together.

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