Forcefully Doting On You


Mu Cai was a novice transmigrator who traveled around different worlds. He played the role of cannon fodder in each world.

As we all know, cannon fodders get slapped in the face, abused, and ridiculed by the protagonists.

Mu Cai worked conscientiously and made all the preparations he needed thanks to his seniors’ advice. However, he never expected that the plot of each world would spin out of control!

When he faced the bad-tempered celebrity:

Mu Cai was a bastard that mooched off his brother to get closer to the celebrity he loved. He confidently said, “I love you. Is it wrong to love someone…”

The bad-tempered celebrity, “No, there’s nothing wrong with loving someone. Please marry me!”

Mu Cai, who was prepared beforehand to be beaten black and blue by the celebrity, “???”

When he faced the straight alpha:

Mu Cai pretended to cry, “Although I am not an omega that can carry a cannon on my shoulder like other omegas, I still want to accompany you to the battlefield…”

The straight alpha that disliked seeing people cry and complain, “Baby, it’s not that I don’t want you to come along, it’s just that this is too dangerous. I don’t want you to get hurt, so be obedient and stay home.”

Mu Cai, who was prepared to be reprimanded for crying and complaining, “???”

When he faced the Heavenly Master, who dedicated his life to killing every demon alive:

Mu Cai, as a beautiful and charming spirit that had lived for a millennium, sneered and said, “You abandoned me a thousand years ago, and now you have found your true love after a thousand years. I won’t let the two of you live a happy life!”

The heartless Heavenly Master, “I don’t want to spend the rest of my life with him, I only want you.”

Mu Cai, who was prepared to be captured and killed by the Heavenly Master’s spell, “???”

When he faced the protagonist, who was an innocent college student:

Mu Cai, as the protagonist’s boss, righteously said, “As my plaything, you have to understand…”

The innocent male college student’s eyes glowed with excitement, “Boss, thank you for the dessert.”

Mu Cai, who was pushed onto the bed and was stripped off his clothes, “???”

When he faced the scum who only loved his white moonlight.

Mu Cai, cried at his one-sided feelings, “Why don’t you love me? Is it because I’m not good enough? Wu wu wu.”

The scum protagonist was about to speak when he was kicked over by his uncle. The uncle coaxed Mu Cai in a raspy voice, “Baby, please don’t cry. When you cry, I just want to…”

Mu Cai, who was getting married to the scum’s uncle as he sat in the bridal chamber, “???”


Mu Cai: I advised the protagonists to complete their mission, yet all they want to do is dote on me.

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