Forced to Become My Amnesiac Arch-Rival’s Fake Dao Companion

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The Sword Sage Yan Jingqiu was the greatest master of the cultivation world, sitting high in the clouds.

He had a splendid appearance, an overbearing personality, and his temper was as bad as he was strong. All of this was known throughout the world.

Bai Chunsheng, who had been a prodigy since he was little and had grown up being cupped preciously in everyone’s hands, hated him to the point that his teeth itched, because Yan Jingqiu’s aptitude was better than his, his family background was better than his, and he was also stronger than him. Yan Jingqiu practically hovered above his head in every single way, and that wasn’t even mentioning the countless old grudges of earth-shaking magnitude between them.

Bai Chunsheng bathed and burned incense, praying earnestly every day to see when he would be able to rely on the spirit race’s long lifespan to outlive Yan Jingqiu.

Finally, one day, the fruits of his labor paid off. News of Yan Jingqiu’s death suddenly came out of the Boundary of Mortality. Bai Chunsheng’s heart was satisfied, overjoyed beyond belief, his eyebrows raised as he gasped in delight, happiness written on his face. Immediately, the update to the Millenium Prodigy Leaderboard also raised him from second place to first, just as he’d wished.

And then—

Just a few days later, Bai Chunsheng fell to second place again.

Who? Who was it?!

Who was it this time?!!

Bai Chunsheng waited for three painful months, seizing hold of the culprit who’d come out of nowhere to prevent him from being number one in the cultivation world.

Bai Chunsheng said furiously, “Yan Jingqiu, don’t think that if you dress up like a peacock, I won’t be able to recognize you. Even if you turn to dust, I’ll recognize you!”


Yan Yi was a little distressed these past few days. There was a pretty beauty calling himself Yan Yi’s old friend from the past, yet he refused to say exactly what their relationship was, and he kept trying to find inexplicable excuses to entangle him without escape, treating him extremely well, yet unwilling to admit it.

Yan Yi, who was without any memories or a shred of common sense, first looked at the recent most popular novel of the cultivation world, deep in thought. Then, he looked in the mirror at his own extraordinary, handsome appearance. He put down the mirror, and the beauty not too far away was currently personally (secretly) cooking (adding) for (poison) him.

It couldn’t be that this old friend……

Yan Yi’s eyes lit up. This must be his Dao companion who was throwing a tantrum.

First love for both, 1v1

Yan Jingqiu (gong) X Bai Chunsheng (shou)

Narcissistic, delusional gong X Naive, pampered beauty shou

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