Fool, Grandpa Can Transform!

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As the gates of doom descend, hundreds of diverse disasters are available for you to choose from.

Shipwreck, zombies, heat wave, poisonous fog, ice age…

At first, Gou Fugui refused, but, wolves in front and tigers behind, he was left with no choice but to close his eyes and jump into the vortex.

He thought it would be hard to survive in the apocalypse, but his [Quirky and Adorable Creatures Handbook] suddenly shone with the light of a golden finger!

Thus, Gou Fugui opened up the path to gather all kinds of riches and honors—

How can I survive if the sea floods the whole world?

Fear not! Turn into an otter and you’ll know how! You can float on the sea til the end of time, and you can store fish in your small pocket!

What if I don’t know how to fight against a strong enemy?

Don’t panic! Meet the flat-headed honey badger! When it comes to fighting, this brother has never been afraid of anyone!

What should I do if I’m surrounded by zombies and there’s no way out?!

Hold on! Fainting goat Fugui teaches you how to play dead and become a winner in life!

There’s also: the king of taunts, the Tibetan fox; the king of screams, the marmot; the house demolisher, ice king husky!

Although these oddballs are a little bit weird, and maybe a little bit of a waste too, there’s always going to be an odd waste that will get you through the apocalypse!

Later, every time a Doomsday Gate closed, there would be more than a few strange conversations between the gate’s survivors:

“Who closed the Doomsday Gate this time?”

“I don’t know. I only saw a Tibetan fox still alive before I fled.”

“A Tibetan fox? Why did I see a honey badger fighting against the zombie king?!”

“Wasn’t it the husky pulling the sled that closed the gate?”

After the calamity, the State compiled a confidential dossier on the saviors:

No. 000: Fantastic creatures that seem to have become Spirits.

Gou Fugui: Thank you, they are all me! ^_^

Gou Fugui (shou) x Xie Tianlang (gong)

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