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“The country is in danger, the society is safe in the turmoil, and the young emperor is in his infancy. Why do the ancient sages do this! ” – “Book of the Later Xia·Xia Jingyun Biography”

“Gaoyang’s strategy is like a deep source, his foretelling is like a god, and his hero’s talent is unmatched… Guangfu the young emperor of the Southern Dynasty, Xianning all over the world… Standing like a mountain. “——”Liang Shu·Yuan Di Ji”

“A courtier who holds the military and political power, let the people in the world only know that there is a relative but not an emperor, domineering and arrogant, disregarding the etiquette of the ministers, it is simply rebellious! ” ——Bai Yunbian, a great scholar in the Xia Dynasty

“It’s good, I have this person’s help, how can I have today’s work! ” ——A certain emperor of later generations

“A man should act like Xia Gaoyang, be upright and upright, like the sun and the moon, even orphans and widows will not deceive him and take over the world! ” ——A powerful minister of later generations

In the 23rd year of Chongning, Daxia, in the labor camp on the outskirts of Jiang’an County, Jianning County, the prisoner Xia Jingyun lingered on his last breath.

The scorching sun above the head, the soil basket in the hand, and the whip of the supervisor, bit by bit, are tormenting life.

Until a soul from another time and space arrives.

So, one person controlled the government and the public, two hands pressed the north and the south, bowed his head on all sides, respected by all directions, rich and powerful, beautiful wives and beautiful concubines…

The first official of the Great Xia, Xia Jingyun, had the style name Gao Yang, and was nicknamed “The Sun That Never Sets in the Great Xia Dynasty”.

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