Film and television time travel master Hao: The beginning of fast and furious

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Story of: Film and television time travel master Hao: The beginning of fast and furious

[Agent] [Shenhao] [World’s top movie time travel] [Shuangwen] [God of War] Lin Yue, a young TV driver, accidentally obtained the film and television time travel system and entered the world’s top film and television to experience a different and exciting life. The rewards he received made him Counterattack in the real world. In “The Fast and the Furious”, he became the racing legend and attracted everyone’s attention; in “The Wandering Earth”, he became the King of Doomsday; in “Wolf Warrior”, he was a special soldier of the Chinese dynasty and brought great power to the country; in “The Rescue”, he was feared. Agent, causing the entire dark force to collapse; in “Death Race”, he is the king of prisoners and the devil in the fighting ring; in “Resident Evil”, he is an agent of the Celestial Dynasty, the god of war who goes deep into hell; the zombie siege of Train to Busan, the magic of The Lord of the Rings The journey, the worship of the Avengers, the dragon-riding battle in Avatar, the touching love in Titanic, the invincible God of War in Resident Evil, the rise of the Celestial Empire in Pacific Rim… Finally one day, when the movie world begins to wake up , the whole world was shocked: Quick Dominic: I come to China to find my boss Lin Yue, he is the only man I admire! Harry Potter and Hermione: Lin Yue, do you want a wife or not? Thanos: Lin Yue, please be a human being! Come on, we will take you into the world of top-notch movies and TV shows, and experience a different and wonderful life. If you have never watched movies and TV shows, it will not affect your reading.

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