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Shen Ennan got married!

She thought her marriage partner was her benefactor, Jiang Yan, who lent her 1 yuan.

Secretary Jiang said tremblingly: “Madam, I didn’t borrow the money… ”

Shen Ennan: “Okay, I recognized the wrong person. ”

Shen Ennan thought she just recognized the wrong benefactor, until one day when she opened the marriage certificate, her jaw dropped in shock!

Who can tell her where the Fu Qianbei on the marriage certificate came from?

Not only did she identify the wrong benefactor, she also identified the wrong marriage partner?

Fu Qianbei’s 30th birthday gift to himself was a marriage certificate showing that his spouse was Shen Ennan.

He took Shen Ennan to Pudu Temple. The host who was sweeping the floor saw the two people’s interlocked hands and smiled at Fu Qianbei: “Amitabha, to untie the bell, you have to tie the bell. It seems that the donor has found the bell tier. ” . ”

Seven years ago, Shen Ennan was a rich and well-dressed young lady, and Fu Qianbei was a poor son who lost his parents. The bright girl became the only blazing light in Fu Qianbei’s life.

Seven years later, the Shen family went bankrupt. Shen Ennan was begging for help for 8000 yuan, but Fu Qianbei became the president of a chaebol and an ascetic Buddhist son that everyone respected.

A donation of 1 yuan can make the former rich lady never forget it, which is worth the thousands of true confessions Fu Qianbei had made before.

Fu Qianbei was so angry that he asked Shen Ennan to repay him for the rest of his life.

[Daughter in distress VS noble son from a humble family]

[Double cleansing, reunion, and the male protagonist’s love brain, he loves it so much! 】

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