Fierce wife and sister-in-law

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Tian Rong was thrown into a dilapidated house by the evil sister-in-law who was reborn. She was almost smashed to death in the dilapidated house as soon as she opened her eyes. Fortunately, the man who escaped three days after their wedding came back and saved her life.

It was your husband’s family that took advantage of your illness and killed you. They separated the family. Tian Rong never stopped doing it. She used her dowry money to build a house and courtyard directly on the collapsed house. Who would have thought that she would The man actually wants to make peace at this time?

When her mother-in-law suffered a massive hemorrhage during childbirth, Tian Rong only rescued a baby girl, but she unexpectedly caused a little trouble for herself. It’s okay to have no rice, no money, and a lot of trouble. At this time, there are still people coming to collect debts?

Tian Rong really couldn’t bear it any longer. I can take care of you, the little one from the Li family, but you, a grown-up man with long arms and lame legs, why should you ask me to pay off your debt? “Brother, do you want a debt? Are you attracted to this man for his kidneys or liver? Whatever you want, just take it. ”

The vicious sister-in-law and the Li family father and son were stunned: ! !

Tian Rong, who has come to the end of the world, knows too well that if you want to live well, don’t expect anyone to live well. As long as you still have breath, just roll up your arms and sleeves and work hard. Farming and hunting are all a piece of cake. Why would mountain bandits covet the village’s food? Just sharpen the knife and that’s it.

She is not bad at farming, but after all, does the original owner have business genes in her bloodline? Is it just like this?

The man who didn’t want to be marginalized suddenly jumped out: Madam, do you need a free accountant?

Tian Rong: You can consider donating 100 taels of silver.

Li Xizhu: … …

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