Festival Awakening: I, the Ghost Festival, a night of strange things

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Just as Gao Fei traveled through time, strangeness invaded.

Overnight, the world changed.

All kinds of strange night walks.

Demons and monsters are rampant, and ghosts and spies are rampant.

There is always a way out.

Fortunately, when your birthday overlaps with a festival in this world, you can awaken your extraordinary abilities and become a solar term master.

Someone was born during the Spring Festival and awakened the ability to summon the Nian beast to fight.

Someone was born on the Dragon Boat Festival, awakened from a dragon boat and traveled across the sea, and became a man like the Pirate King.

Some people were born in the Great Heat, and when they were angry, the sky was filled with red flames, and the ground was red for thousands of miles.

Some people are born on the winter solstice and can be frozen thousands of miles away with just one thought.

Some people are born on the summer solstice, and a great sun hangs behind them, burning up the sky.

… …

… …

Before time travel, Gao Fei’s birthday was July [-]th.

However, July [-]th in this world is a skipped day.

Naturally, there is no more Hungry Ghost Festival.

Gao Fei became a unique solar term master who awakened the “Hungry Ghost Festival”.

As a result, he has the ability to communicate with the underworld and summon the underworld gods.

Bull head horse noodles.

Black and white impermanence.

The four judges.

Top Ten Yamas.

The mysterious emperor of the five directions.

Lord of Mount Tai.

Emperor Fengdu.

… …

… …

When the local government appears, all evil spirits will surrender.

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