Farming and raising cubs: the vicious female supporting role is fought over by the whole family to b

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In the book, she thought the male protagonist died in battle, but later climbed into someone else’s bed and was beaten to death with a stick.

Her husband is not at home, she doesn’t have to have a baby, and her nieces and nephews have free sex. Li Mumu is so happy!

Villager: “Her husband is dead, the elder sister-in-law is a shrew, the second sister-in-law is a scheming figure, Li Mumu will wait until she is bullied to death at home. ”

The eldest sister-in-law of the Gu family was killing chickens at the door: “It’s too hard for Mumu to teach her child to study, so she must be given a lot of supplements. ”

Villager: “Li Mumu is too lazy to eat and doesn’t know how to work in the fields all day long! ”

The second sister-in-law of the Gu family came back with a piece of cloth: “I will do the rough work. It just so happens that this piece of cloth can be used to make two new clothes for Mumu. ”

The widower provoked: “Li Mumu is a widow. She wears fancy clothes every day. Be careful of her stealing men outside. ”

The eldest niece put her hands on her hips: “Bah! You don’t have a mirror at home and you still have urine. You can’t come out to pursue my third aunt and spread rumors. It’s disgusting! ”

The eldest nephew climbed over the wall overnight and nailed the toilet door of each house shut: “Bullying my third aunt, I will suffocate you to death! ”

The nephew knocked on Aunt Li’s door: “If you continue to speak ill of my third aunt, I will tell you that Uncle Li secretly buried fifty coins under the tree! ”

That night, Uncle Li’s wails echoed throughout the village.

The parents-in-law called Li Mumu: “Mumu, you are still young. Let’s give you a dowry and then find a good family for you to marry. ”

Li Mumu: “Mom and dad, I won’t marry and will stick to my husband’s position all my life. Just treat me as your daughter. ”

The male protagonist will be a general in the future. She voluntarily abdicates her position and becomes the general’s sister. She does not disturb the meeting of the male and female protagonists, and they can live happily ever after. She can laugh in her dreams.

Gu Shangqing, who had just arrived at the door of his house, said, “My wife, she loves me so much. ”

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