Fantasy: I Want to Be a Foolish Emperor! Ruining National Fortune Will Make Me Immortal!


Gao Lingfeng traverses into the Great Qian Dynasty and becomes the Emperor, gaining the most powerful “Supreme Foolish Emperor System.”

Ruining the national fortune will lead to ascension to immortality? Well, then, being an Emperor is not so bad after all!

What? The Cabinet wants to force the Emperor by submitting resignation together? Sure, Bye-bye!

What? The Eighth Uncle wants to rebel? Quick, open the gates of the imperial palace wide! Today, he will surely succeed in rebellion, and no one can stop him.

What? My father-in-law is a treacherous minister? Quickly issue a decree to appoint him as the Grand Secretary of the Cabinet Secretariat!

What? Eunuch Xiao Dezhi is a cunning villain? From today, you shall be the Director of the Eastern Bureau of Surveillance!

Eighth Uncle, hurry up and rebel! Father-in-law, hurry up and usurp the throne! Zhao Gao, hurry up and cause chaos in the court!

“Your Majesty is a wise ruler for all eternity. I, as a humble subject, am willing to devote myself until death!”

Gao Lingfeng: “???”

How am I supposed to ascend to immortality now?!

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