Fake Young Master Acts Weak and Attacks the Disabled Tycoon

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Yu He was a famous beautiful fool among the rich and powerful, relying on his good background to live a life of ease and make a living without working. Unfortunately, he was a fake young master, and when the real young master returned to the Yu family, he was not only kicked out by his foster parents but also had to serve a big shot with special interests.

Yu He shrugged and said, “Whatever.”

In a secluded and eerie castle, the big shot, dressed in a sharp suit and with a handsome and gloomy face, sat in a wheelchair, looking coldly at Yu He with hidden sharpness that was intimidating.

After one night passed…

Yu He: You know, I’ve been here for a while knowing that the big shot’s special hobby is to be a bottom.

From that day on, Yu He became the golden crane that the big shot kept in the castle.

When the real young master came crying to “retrieve” Yu He, he discovered that Yu He was actually living in the private residence of Fu Yunzheng, the head of a top-notch wealthy family.

Even the head of the Yu family couldn’t curry favour with the terrifying presence of Fu Yunzheng, who could make the entire capital world tremble with a frown. It was rumoured that he was capricious and cruel, and after being disabled in a car accident, he became even more sinister and terrifying. His injured leg was his sore spot, and anyone who dared to look at it a little longer would suffer a catastrophe.

But the true young master saw something different. In the depths of the garden, he saw Yu He sitting on Fu Yunzheng’s lap, kissing him while squeezed into his wheelchair.

The fact that Fu Yunzheng was supporting Yu He spread like wildfire, and everyone criticised Yu He for being shameless and superficial. Yu He took it as a compliment and used the attention to make money through live-streaming.

At first, the live-streaming room was full of insults, but when the haters saw the luxurious and dazzling mansion, luxury cars, branded watches, and jewellery, they began to waver. After seeing dozens of servants bowing to Yu He in unison, the haters exclaimed, “I only hate myself for being ugly.”

Later on, all the wealthy and influential people who wanted to get in good with Fu Yunzheng began flooding into Yu He’s live streaming room, frantically showering him with gifts and asking him to pass along a message.

Yu He made an incredible comeback, reaching new heights!

Fu Yunzheng: Don’t stare at your broken live stream all day, look at me.

Yu He: You’re the best thing to look at.

Everyone was waiting for Fu Yunzheng to get tired of playing with Yu He and dump him, but they waited and waited until the engagement banquet of Yu He and Fu Yunzheng.

At the engagement banquet, the true young master’s lover sneered at Yu He, “Yu He, how can serving others with your body last long? People will get tired of it.”

Fu Yunzheng replied, “You better pray that little He won’t get tired of me. If little He doesn’t love me anymore, your family will go bankrupt.”

The people who once looked down on Yu He: !!! Yu He, please love him for a long time, we’ll kowtow to you!!!

Author Note: His leg will be healed. All medical knowledge in the text is researched and compiled, please do not take it seriously. Thank you.

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