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ShenYi Middle School’s school bully and bad boy, Lu Yao, went through lots of hardships to ‘bend’ himself and confess to the ‘male classmate’ he liked.

‘Male classmate’ Li Mingzhu: “Sorry, I can’t accept.”

Lu Yao: “Why?”

Li Mingzhu: “Because I’m a girl, I don’t like gays. I wish you happiness.”

Lu Yao: “!!!”

Lu Yao: Speaking of it you may not believe it, but before falling in love with you I was straight.

Many years later

Li Mingzhu returned to the country and had a chance encounter with Lu Yao.

The little cat that years ago liked to act spoiled towards her became the aloof god of the e-sport circle who attracted millions of attention.

After the reunion, her ex-boyfriend seemed more difficult to coax than before.

Li Mingzhu: “Are you still gay?”

Lu Yao: “…”

Li Mingzhu: “I like gays.”

Lu Yao: “I’m not f*cking gay!”

A certain god had an emotional breakdown: When have I been gay? If you like me, can’t you just say it? Why like gays?

Li Mingzhu: This man, why is he gay for a moment, and not gay the next? So hard to please.

Top headlines:

[Shock! E-sport well-known player is being supported, the sugar mama seems to be the executive director of xx Corporation.]

[E-sport god is being supported?! E-sport circle is degenerating!]

[Can’t keep watching! The clean living and honesty the fans have so much praised was just a public persona!]

[E-sport god’s private life is a mess, how are you worthy of your fans!]

The next day’s top headlines:

[Update! My god! They are married!]

Reporters collectively said: Shit! I’m quitting being a reporter! This couple is making fun of me!

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