Everyday the Bigshot Roomates Are Not Very Likable

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Tang Mu was not just in name only, but also in reality(1*) a child by a previous marriage(2*). When he was ten years old, his mother remarried to a wealthy family, and he followed her to the wealthy family’s home. However, the life in the wealthy family has been a total tragedy from the very beginning.

The step-brother and step-sister bullied him, and his grandmother always got angry at him when there was nothing to do. His mother always taught him to be patient and that when he graduated from university and left home, everything would be fine. However, Tang Mu could not endure until the day he graduated from college, and there was an accident…

Once he started all over again, Tang Mu knew that he was the cannon fodder in the book, and the heirs such as step-brother and step-sister were the real protagonists. His forbearance and perseverance had no effect other than adding some flavouring to other people’s lives.

On the first day of entering the university campus, the step-brother asked Tang Mu’s roommate to bully Tang Mu. Tang Mu, who had to live again, didn’t want to endure anymore, and beat all the people who bullied him.

In order to separate Tang Mu from his roommate, Tang’s mother arranged for him a new dormitory, a high school room, and a double dormitory. However, Tang Mu’s new roommate is not good news. On the first day after moving to the dormitory, the new roommate Yan Xi and his friend blocked him at the door of the dormitory to prevent him from entering…

Yan Xi’s friend: “This man is our boss. He doesn’t like to live in the same house with others. We’ll trouble you to change the place?”

Tang Mu: “The school assigned me to this dormitory. Why don’t you go out to rent a house?”

Yan Xi (smiling face): “I think you are crazy. If you have the courage to live here, you have to bear the consequences of living with me!”

A year later, Tang Mu finally knew what terrible consequences will be there of living together with Yan Xi …

— Yan Xi: One day I will let you serve (3*) me!

Tang Mu raised his eyebrows: What do you mean to let me serve?

Yan Xi hooked the corner of his mouth: Guess?

1* an idiom meaning being worthy of name/ live up to one’s reputation

2* derogatory term for a woman to bring one’s children into a second marriage; children by a previous marriage

3* can also mean admire/obey

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