Every Day I Hope That My Yandare Brother Loses His Memory

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When Cheng Nanyu saw Song Yushu again after ten years, he had bright eyes and exceptional talent, standing before everyone in white attire. However, he had an expressionless face, like a stone that never smiled. But in the blink of an eye, in the refreshing garden, Song Yushu seemed like a different person, with a smiling gaze, hugging her around the waist. “Did my little sister forget about me?” Cheng Nanyu shivered in his arms and thought, ”

Does she usually listen to storytelling for nothing in the teahouse? She’d rather Song Yushu forget her completely.” “With such a good older brother, how could I forget?”

She was afraid in her heart but appeared pleasing on the surface. Song Yushu happily rubbed her head, his eyes full of smiles.

“My little sister is so good!”

Cheng Nanyu: Hmph.

Short Scene:

On a dark night, where you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face, Cheng Nanyu opened her eyes and saw Song Yushu standing by the bed with a long sword. He looked at her with a pitiful expression. “Don’t ignore me!” The sword in his hand was still shining, and Cheng Nanyu moved away from it slightly, then hugged Song Yushu around the waist. “Brother, can you put that down? I’m scared.” She spoke with a sweet tone, and with just these words, Song Yushu’s sword fell to the ground with a thud and was never picked up again.

Protagonist: Cheng Nanyu, Song Yushu

One-sentence summary: How should I make my older brother lose his memory today?

# this is not a story about blood related sibling.

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