Entertainment: Making your debut drunk, you call this a little fresh meat

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Lin Mo traveled to a single-parent family and urgently needed 50 yuan to treat his mother’s illness.

With the idea of ​​becoming famous overnight and “making money quickly”, I participated in [Tomorrow’s Superstars].

It’s a pity that no matter how good-looking he is, his abilities are mediocre.

After Lao Xue learned about Lin Mo’s life background, he firmly chose to let him advance!

Everyone began to question Lao Xue’s professionalism.

Lin Mo carries Lao Xue’s expectations and faces the battle of life and death!

Faced with the ridicule and disdain of the mage…

Lin Mo drank all the liquor in one gulp and went on stage to sing!

At this point, a song “Relief of Sorrow” came out and shocked China!

The lyrics “A toast to freedom, a toast to death. Forgive me for being ordinary, dispel the confusion… ” brought tears to the eyes of all the listeners!

A song to consecrate the gods, the mage was left speechless!


The song “People Like Me” gently tells countless ordinary people that the rest of their lives will be long and they will still be young when they come back!

The song “Lonely Brave” gives the countless rebels who have made silent efforts the glory that belongs to them!

The song “Luzhou Moon” filled the originally tepid East China city with crowds of people and became a hit across the country!

Xue Zhiqian: Your lyrics and music make me want to kneel down. The Chinese music scene is fortunate to have such a strong presence!

Boss Yang: It’s all your fault, I made you cry even though I was wearing makeup!

Hua Chenyu: I never expected you, your songs are too vulgar!

Tan Jing: I’m looking forward to working with Lin Mo!

Chen Yixun: Lin Mo, you are the new era singer I admire most!

At this point, Lin Mo opens a new era of music!

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