Entering a Split Personality


Xiao He casually filled out an online questionnaire and unexpectedly got a job out of it. As long as he perfectly fulfilled the employer’s requests, he could receive 30 million RMB in remuneration. The cash-strapped Xiao He’s eyes lit up, and he took the task immediately.

His job was actually to enter the world of a patient with a mental disorder, so he could treat this patient who had a severely split personality…

Black-bellied, violent, murderous, impetuous, gloomy, inhuman, yandere, prejudiced…various different types of personalities, strange and ever-changing mental worlds—Xiao He captured them all one by one. He just felt like he’d become completely ill!

30 million bucks weren’t that easy to earn. By the time he earned the money, he might already be in a mental hospital.

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