Drunk on You

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When a beautiful Omega travels through time and space and into a normal society…

Shen Tingwei, an Omega who doesn’t know how to drink, emanates the fragrance of cranberry wine from his scent glands.

This time, however, the scent of wine is stronger than usual.

And so, he became intoxicated.

Upon waking, everything seemed unfamiliar and a bit out of sorts.

Enduring the unique circumstances of his Omega state, he walked into a pharmacy with great difficulty. “Pardon me, but I would like one Omega heat suppressor spray.”

The pharmacist was stunned. “What?”

Unable to get heat suppressors, he felt helpless and resorted to looking for a place to stay.

“Hello, can I book a room?” Shen Tingwei asked.

“Please show me your ID,” the front desk clerk replied.

Shen Tingwei handed over his ID, only to see a complicated expression appear on the clerk’s face. The clerk quickly shoved the ID back into his hand. “Regulations have been strict lately. You cannot book a room without a proper ID. Maybe you should go somewhere else instead,” the clerk said in an unkind tone.

As Shen Tingwei turned around, he heard the person mutter to themselves. “Your gender is ‘Omega’? Then mine must be ‘Casio’! Seriously, fake IDs are so blatantly obvious these days…”

One-Liner Summary:

A beautiful Omega travels through time and into regular society, but gets drunk off of his own scent in the middle of the street.

A few words from the author:

To those who hate stories like this but somehow can’t stop reading…

Please take a good look at the tag that says ‘drama’.

This is a drama fic. Yes, it may seem very ridiculous, but it’s not a parody/crack fic.

I’ll use all the overused tropes! Don’t mess with me!!!

The setting is surreal and fantasy-like. Everything is set up for a mpreg scenario to make sense and the author is happy with it.

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