Drive a RV and go farming in ancient times.

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The young couple traveled together in an RV to ancient times. When they opened their eyes, they were faced with the beginning of hell. First, they had a difficult childbirth and were on the line between life and death. Then they separated by chance and left home. Before they could recover, they encountered a severe drought. He had no choice but to quickly pack up and join the fleeing army.

They experienced the hardships of 81 along the way. Fortunately, they had an RV as a plug-in, so they had no worries about food and drink, and occasionally they could enjoy their escape as a trip.

After finally settling down, I thought that from now on, I would be able to embark on a prosperous road to farming and make a fortune. Unexpectedly, a few years later, I would be involved in a palace fight again.

Gu Huanxi was very melancholy. She was just an ordinary person and couldn’t win such a high-end game.

Besides, she also has a stubborn husband who can’t be taken care of at all.

Finally, she discovered that her biological daughter A Li was the heroine, right?

One-year-old A Li is cute and soft, “My brother is so handsome. ”

Three-year-old Ah Li is smart and beautiful, “Brother, I will give you my tears to eat. After eating, you will never get sick again. ”

Seven-year-old Ah Lihuizhilanxin said, “Brother, how much food do you want? I can help you grow it. ”

Ten-year-old A Li and Xiaohe first bloomed, “Brother, you said that we will always be together, okay, don’t live in the palace? ”

At the age of 14, Ah Li became famous in the capital. “Brother, I have grown up, you can come and marry me. ”

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