Dressed in all black, boss, her vest can’t cover it up

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Lin Qingqing, a talented girl, graduated from college at the age of 13, studied for a master’s degree at the age of 15, and became a professor at a top university in the country at the age of 17. She has made breakthrough contributions in many fields.

Once she died, she transformed into a celebrity in the entertainment industry with the same name. The original owner was born as a fake daughter, has a love brain, his family doesn’t care, and the company doesn’t care. It’s full of debuffs.

However, Lin Qingqing believes that as long as she is strong enough, she does not need to take these things seriously.

#花vasGetOutEntertainment Circle# No. [-] Hot search, the company doesn’t provide public relations?

It doesn’t matter

Lin Qingqing hacked the website

The original owner has been licking the puppy brother for 20 years and wants resources?

Sorry, no. Working people should carry forward the spirit of hard work and earn resources themselves if they want.

The real daughter shows off limited edition luxury goods?

Lin Qingqing: You are so ridiculous, how dare you put the scrapped and semi-finished product I designed on the stage?

#林青青suspected of giving up on Qiao Yu and switching to Fu Shiqing, the number one on the domestic rich list#

Before Lin Qingqing could take action, Fu Shiqing jumped out to refute the rumors.

Fu Shiqing: Say no to rumors, I already feel like I belong

Everyone: Mistress Lin Qingqing looks ugly when she eats

Fu Shiqing: @林青青, Professor Lin, give me a chance

Crowd: ? ?

Everyone: I heard that Lin Qingqing is the illegitimate son of a small family? Is she worthy of Fu Shiqing?

The hidden ancient martial arts family: You will not admit your mistake, Lin Qingqing is our long-lost eldest lady!

#林青青What other surprises do we don’t know about#

Keywords of the novel: Wear to be the blackest person on the internet, the boss can’t cover her with her waistcoat. No pop-up window, Wear the all the internet’s blackness, the boss can’t cover her waistcoat Read the latest chapter.

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