Dressed as the school’s stepmother, creating a flying tyrant for the whole family

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The most noble princess in ancient Mary Su novels, Li Angelina A… (10, 000 words omitted here) Zhao, was brought into a wealthy novel by the system after the planet she lived on exploded.

She became the canary raised by the boss and the stepmother of the school sweetheart’s stepson.

What a joke, a noble princess cannot lower her noble head!

The crown will fall off!

But thinking about her current situation and the scattered memory fragments of the original owner in her mind, she decided——

It’s better to put the crown in your pocket and get to know the world first.

On the first day after crossing over, as soon as Li Zhao accepted this identity, he was called to school by his stepson’s class teacher.

Passing by the alley next to the school, I happened to see a few teenagers fighting and causing trouble in the alley.

With a Mary Sue’s heart full of justice, Li Zhao rushed forward without hesitation.

“Young man, draw your sword! ”

step son: “? ”


A group of people all entered the bureau with honor.

Facing the policeman’s suppressed laughter and blushing gaze, Li Zhao squatted against the wall with his head in his hands. He looked at the sullen young man squatting three meters away from her with his head in his hands. Only then did he learn from the policeman that the boy she had just shouldered The boy who fell to the ground——

That’s her stepson.

The young man had a gloomy look on his face and squatted beside the wall at a safe distance of three meters away from her.

Li Zhao looked innocent: “I act bravely when I see justice. ”

step son: “… ”

Just when she was about to explain something, a system voice suddenly sounded in her mind.

[Dang-dang-dang! It’s time for Q&A—How long does it take Mr. Ba to get to the police station? ]

Looking at the four options given, Li Zhao chose without hesitation——

3 seconds.

The next second, the driver suddenly turned around and said to the boss who had just gotten into the car: “Do you like racing? ”

Ying Huaixu: “? ”

Three seconds later, Boss Ba’s car kicked up dust and appeared at the door of the police station.

The boss’s legs were shaking, but his face was still stern.

“… It’s a good drive, don’t drive it next time. ”

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