Dressed as the only ordinary girl in the military school

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Due to an accident, ordinary high school senior Alyssa found herself unlucky enough to be transported to a bizarre ABO world. To make matters worse, she found herself in a prestigious military academy, rooming with and attending classes alongside a group of either wealthy or noble.

Though these high and mighty young masters were somewhat easy on the eyes, unfortunately, they were a bunch of arrogant, conceited lunatics with high combat prowess who discriminated against the weak. And Alyssa, among them, was a weakling who couldn’t run 800 meters in five minutes and couldn’t lift a finger.

Alyssa: “…”

In this world, she had no foothold. To avoid being bullied or expelled and left to wander the streets, Alyssa gritted her teeth and resolved to survive in this terrifying military academy.

First of all, we must start with a good relationship with this group of young masters of the Tianlong people –

She not only played the role of a caring logistics assistant to the coolest guy in the dormitory, holding an umbrella when he fought and cooking when he hunted, striving to become his best combat partner;

She also carefully chose sides in the factional wars among the young masters of various military academies, building trust with them. The premise of not becoming a target of their bullying was to first become their friend, partner, and good brother.

One day, she even inadvertently rescued the passionate period of the ABO guy from the neighboring dormitory!

After Alyssa’s efforts, her hard work paid off, and everyone’s attitude towards her improved. Except for occasionally giving her strange looks, it was evident that they considered her one of their own.

…But did they really have to invite her to bathe and sleep together? And did they have to secretly climb into her bed at night?

Alyssa, struggling in her female disguise, shivered with fear amidst the boys’ enthusiastic desire to open up to her. However, she only thought this was how Alphas expressed their affection.

Until one night, she woke up to find them all gathered around her bed—

Wait a minute?! Why were her good brothers coming to bite her neck?!

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