Dressed as a wealthy and rebellious son, his stepmother

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【Shuangjie sweet pet】

Shu Wan, the most outstanding daughter of the noble family in the feudal dynasty, became the new wife of the Fu family in the imperial capital after passing through for a thousand years.


Her nominal husband went overseas to open up markets, leaving behind a rebellious son who was well-known throughout the imperial capital.


When we met for the first time, the rebellious son Fu Yang, with silver-white hair, was speeding past on a motorcycle, and mocked disdainfully, “Isn’t this my stepmother who is 6 years older than me? She has thin arms and legs, but she has big ambitions. ”

Before she could finish speaking, she saw Shu Wan flying up and lifted him off the motorcycle with one hand, “Speaking disrespectfully. ”


Fu Yang has been sitting at the bottom of his age all year round, especially his Chinese language has never exceeded 50.

Looking at his test paper with dog crawling characters, Shu Wan was shocked, “Are you from Huaxia? ”

Fu Yang refused to accept it, “Aren’t you also a scumbag, you still have the right to criticize me? ”

However, in the next second, seeing Shu Wan writing “Guwen Guanzhi” with a brush in his hand, it was Fu Yang’s turn to be shocked.

No, a living dictionary?


Fu Siyu returned home early after finishing his overseas development, he thought he would see chickens flying around.

However, when he opened the door and entered, he saw Fu Yang, who had always been domineering, obediently sitting and practicing calligraphy, with a full-score test paper in hand.

And his legendary cowardly wife, wearing a black suspender high-tailored dress, was confident and walking along with the music, and was the focus of everyone’s attention.

However, this is not the point, the point is.

Fu Siyu’s eyes were like knives, and he turned to his partner’s hand on the back of Shu Wan’s waist, “Let go. ”

Note: The son is not born to the male lead

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