Doupo: I made Zhang Daxian cry in the chat group

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Xiao Bai from Blue Star died suddenly due to staying up late at night, so he traveled to Dou Qi Continent and became a handyman disciple of the Xiao family.

With his strong soul power, he practiced Qi at the age of four, the third level of Dou Qi at the age of six, the sixth level of Dou Qi at the age of nine, and the ninth level of Dou Qi at the age of 15.

Xiao Bai thought that the most he could do in his life was to be a fighting king, so why go out and fight to the death?

It’s better to just stay in bed and wait for Xiao Huohuo to become Emperor Yan and awaken the bloodline of Emperor Dou.

Unexpectedly, Goldfinger arrived late. He obtained the sign-in system and joined the Wanjie chat group.

【Ding! Newcomers join the group!

“I, Lao Li, only want to wander around the clouds and wild cranes”, “The most wonderful girl of the Yin Yang family”, “The Xiao family’s little one”

Join the group chat! 】

Omniscient and omnipotent Zhang Daxian: “Odd and even remain unchanged? ”

Xiao Bai: What does the immortal mean?

Zhang Daxian: “Palace Yuye Liquor? ”

Xiao Bai: ? ?

Zhang Daxian: Come on, it seems that this guy is not a time traveler. Look at my tricks, you are so jealous!

… … A few years later.

Looking at Xiao Bai who had broken through the Dou Emperor, Zhang Daxian became numb.

Xiao Bai: I originally wanted to get along with you as an ordinary person. Unexpectedly, what I got in exchange was deception. Show your cards, I won’t pretend anymore!

[This is a short article, funny and light-hearted]

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