Douluo: When Tang San’s younger sister played idioms

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[Pseudo time travel, no cp]

Tang Tang and her twin brother Tang San were born in a blacksmith’s family in Douluo Dalu. Since she was conscious, she found that there was a memory light group in her mind that could be watched repeatedly. Unfortunately, she would forget it after reading it. It seemed that she could only take Come to relieve boredom.

Unexpectedly, after the awakening of Yan Ling Wuhun, she discovered that all the idioms in the memory film could become effective words?

But this is not the point, the point is, why her brother Tang San’s thoughts are often on the same landslide as Tang Hao’s father’s love?


Tang Hao: “Wuhundian is the life and death enemy of our whole family! ”

Tang Tang: “I think it’s a little bit more perverted if you like soul beasts. ”

Tang San: “The Wuhun Palace has wolf ambitions, our Tang Sect is established, and its rule will be overthrown! ”

Tang Tang: “Are you responsible for the awakening of Wuhun for civilians when the Wuhun Palace is destroyed? ”

Tang Hao and Tang Sanqi: “Then what do you say? ”

Tang Tang pondered: “Should we drive away the ruling class and take over the Wuhun Palace to unify the mainland? ”

Tang Hao and Tang San were angry: “Then what’s the difference between you and Bibi Dong? ”

Tang Tang was confident: “I have no hatred with you. ”


PS: This article follows the plot of the main character, and is inspired to avoid the minefields of the original work. Friends can post some of the minefields of the original work to the comment area so that I don’t forget (-? -;

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