Douluo: Tang San steals his teacher?I am the authentic Tangmen

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“Brother Xiao, I want to learn Xuantian Baolu, please teach me. ”

“This is a unique skill in the inner sect, you can’t get your hands on it. ”

“I swear, I will never let it out, you know this matter, otherwise I will fall off the cliff and die without a whole body. ”

“Brother Xiao, how do you use the Rainstorm Pear Blossom Needle? ”

“Brother Xiao, why is this Buddha Fury Tang Lian so mysterious? Is there anything special about it? ”

Tang Xiao, the immortal genius guarding the Tang Sect’s cabinet, was once a close friend with Tang San, but he was drugged and intoxicated by Tang San, and his Xuantian Treasure Record was stolen.

On the day Tang San became a Buddha and angered Tang Lian, everything was revealed, and Tang Xiao fell into the abyss of ghostly sorrow…

Opening his eyes again, Tang Xiao actually traveled to the Douluo Continent, was rescued by a beautiful woman, became her number one killer, and embarked on the road of a soul master ever since.

Many years later, when I met Tang San again, I saw him confronting soul masters with hidden weapons of the Tang Sect, and took it as his mission to rebuild the Tang Sect.

Tang Xiao couldn’t sit still, a hypocrite should bear the most extreme pain in this world!

“Stealer, I am the authentic Tang Sect! ”

“Tang San, do you really think you have learned all the Xuantian Treasure Records and hidden weapons? ”

“Rainstorm Pear Blossom Needle? I, Yiye Qiankun, will teach you how to be a human being! ”

“Hell Post? Come and try this Life and Death Talisman! ”

“Heh, Buddha Fury Tang Lian? Guanyin Tears? That’s far from the limit of Tang Sect’s hidden weapons… ”

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