Douluo: I, the God of Slaughter, summon the King

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Bibi Dong: Overlord Halberd! Do you dare to attack me?

Wang Baji: Shut up!

Xiao Wu: This woman is very disobedient. Do you want me to help you?

Qian Daoliu: Impossible! How can there be a strong man like you on the mainland? Who are you?

His surname is Wang and his name is Ba Ji!

Swords and halberds are everywhere! King Tu’s dominance!

Yu Yuanzhen: Why? Why can your ten years of hard work be worth what I have accumulated in three generations?

Tang San: Wang Ba Ji, you are despicable and shameless!

Tang Hao: Impossible. I, the Clear Sky Hammer, am the best martial arts weapon in the world. How can someone be stronger than me with the hammer?

Sword Fighter Luo Chenxin: I have practiced swordsmanship all my life, but unexpectedly I was defeated by you. Qinglian Sword Immortal Li Bai, why have I never heard of your name?

Zhao Yun: Your Excellency, your soul-breaking gun is known as the best in the world. Zhao Zilong wants to ask for advice!

Dugu Bo: Impossible, I was actually poisoned. Bian Que, you are so despicable. You are talking about a fatal elixir. This is obviously a fatal poison!

Ghost: King Lanling is like a ghost, appearing and disappearing. It is really scary!

… …

No one knows where Wang Ba Ji came from, and no one knows why there are so many peerless strong men around Wang Ba Ji.

Everyone knows that there is a new god of killing in Douluo Continent.

The entire Douluo Continent surrendered under his feet, and even the God Realm was penetrated by him from beginning to end…

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