Douluo: I let you retire, but didn’t let you marry Qian Renxue

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Fang Fan traveled across the Douluo Continent, and because his level hadn’t been improved for six years, Ning Rongrong, the baby girl, suppressed Fang’s family everywhere and forced Fang Fan to withdraw from the engagement. Unexpectedly, just after the divorce, Qian Renxue wanted to marry me! I still want to pay homage to me and get married!

Qian Daoliu was furious when he heard the news of his granddaughter’s marriage. He was so frightened that the head of the Fang family, Fang Fan, yelled angrily: “I let you retire, but I didn’t let you marry Qian Renxue! ”

At the same time, Fang Fan awakened the Eternal Milk Tea System and received a big gift package: [Ding, send the host a million-year soul ring year card. 】

[Ding, give the host a Martial Soul reforging card, which is reforged from some materials of Mieshi Qinglian and Kaitian Axe. 】

So, he became the owner of a milk tea shop, and the milk tea he sells contains all kinds of treasures. For every cup of milk tea sold, Fang Fan can get milk tea of ​​the same grade, and there is a ten times burst rate of getting treasures. For every ten cups of milk tea sold, you can also get a cup of milk tea that is ten times to ten thousand times the grade.

Fang Fan: In milk tea, whether it is Wuhun, or spirit bones, artifacts, gods, devil fruits, dragon balls, Ultraman transformation tools, everything that one expects to find, you can earn money when you buy it.

Qian Renxue: I want to buy all the milk teas, the milk teas are so delicious and refreshing, I am addicted to them all.

Qian Daoliu: I have no objection to your marriage with Xue Er, you let me drink a cup of milk tea every day?

Bibi Dong: Son-in-law, a cup of milk tea is not enough, I want unlimited refills every day!

Gu Yuena: I want your milk tea shop!

This book is also called “Douluo: Qian Renxue is addicted to drinking milk tea”

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