Douluo, I, Huo Yuhao, reject Tianmeng at the beginning

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Traveling to Douluo Continent and becoming Huo Yuhao, he rejected Tianmeng at the beginning and refused to lose his identity as the son of destiny. He got the Ten Thousand Realms Trading System.

Without a dog leash, from now on, the sky is high and the sea is wide, allowing birds to fly and fish to swim.

Trade all the worlds, evolve your martial soul, and enjoy your grudges!

Abuse Dai Hao, kill Dai Huabin, kill the duchess, and resurrect Huo Yun’er.

Destroy the Holy Spirit Cult, destroy Shrek Academy, destroy Haotian Sect… , enter the God Realm, defeat the Abyss, and kill everything.

The Son of Destiny was replaced, and Huo Xingling from the Sun-Moon Empire became the new Son of Destiny. In order to regain the dog leash, Tang San casually smashed the soul of Huo Yun’er, who had been brought to the God Realm for some reason, and captured Huo Xingling’s dead father. His soul was brought to the divine world.

Tang San: “Huo Yuhao, you already have a way to die. ”

Huo Yuhao: “To destroy my mother’s soul, even if you die ten thousand times, it won’t be a pity. ”


Zhang Lexuan: “Huo Yuhao, I hate you”

Huo Xingling: “Why do you want to stop me? The unification of the mainland is the general trend. ”

Eri Uesugi: “Big monster, I want to break the void to find you. ”

Mo Caihuan: “Huo Yuhao, I might be dying, can you talk to me? ”

Good brother Luo Feng: Huo Yuhao, why can’t I find you in other worlds?


The first bound world, Devouring the Starry Sky

The second world, dragon clan

Others are tentatively decided.

This book also calls me Huo Yuhao, the son who refuses luck at the beginning, Pluto Yuhao, who convinces people with reason, and everyone is welcome to taste it.

Newbies, new books, welcome to support.

A refreshing revenge story that doesn’t abuse the protagonist, but is so satisfying that it explodes!

Xiaomengxin’s group name: 602965068

Welcome to the group, big guys!

thank you all!

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